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Swiffer WetJet and Sweepervac Coupon August 2011

I found a great Swiffer wetjet coupon for August 2011 where you can save $5 on any Swiffer wetjet or Swiffer sweeper vac starter kits. This is great if you want to get started with the swiffer wetjet or sweepervac or if you already have one and want the other. Usually coupons are only for a dollar or two but this one is a Whopping $5

How to Get the Swiffer Wetjet coupon

All you have to do is visit this page and you will see the swiffer products that are available to purchase. The great news is that you will see some pretty cheap prices for the wetjet and sweepervac, but the $5 coupon is on top of those prices. Yeah that is right, whatever price you see at the link above is not the final price, with the Swiffer sweepervac coupon or the swiffer wetjet coupon you will save an additional $5 on those price.

All you need to do is visit the page above, click the product you want, then proceed to checkout and the coupon is applied at checkout. I think most of the swiffer products are free shipping as well so you can get them super cheap delivered right to your door!

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