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Swiffer SweeperVac is another a great cleaning product in the Swiffer line. Read on to find out more about the Swiffer SweeperVac and follow the links below to get a Swiffer Sweeper Coupon.

The Swiffer SweeperVac is an amazingly powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to store when not in use. When you first open your SweeperVac, there’s an adapter for charging.  Charge the vacuum for about 18 hours, or until the green light comes on, before the first use.

Becuase there’s no cord to get in the way and no need to worry about access to an outlet, you can take your SweeperVac practically anywhere you go. It works on just about any type of surface, except for thick, heavy carpet.

The Swiffer SweeperVac is the smart way to easily clean. This compact vacuum is powerful enough to clean messes big and small in one smart step.  It grabs crumbs, leaves, pet hair, cereal and much more. The textured Swiffer Dry Sweeping Cloth traps and locks fine dirt and dust away. It does much better at cleaning than a broom and dustpan. It’s an amazing all in one tool.

Lightweight and compact, the SweeperVac works on most surfaces and is lightweight so you don’t get tired vacuuming. It doesn’t require vacuum bags either. Dispose of the dirt by emptying the dust bin and toss the dry cloth when it’s dirty. Just insert a new cloth and you are ready to vacuum.

You’ll find lots of uses for the Swiffer SweeperVac and you’ll love the compact size that makes it easy to store when not in use. Visit P&G Everyday Solutions for more information and money-saving coupons.\

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