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Swiffer Max

The Swiffer Max Sweeper is a Swiffer Sweeper, only it’s much larger than the original.  It has an 18″ wide sweeper for faster, easier cleaning of large surfaces. The sweeper head is textured to pick up even more dirt and debris.  The swivel head lets you clean anywhere.  Attach a disposable Swiffer Max electrostatic dusting cloth to the lightweight sweeper head. It picks up dirt, dust, hair and much more from wood, ceramic, vinyl, and laminate surfaces.  You can even use the dusting cloth by itself to dust electronics, dashboards, blinds, plants and furniture.

The sweeper breaks down in four parts to adjust the length of the handle and for storage. It’s so easy anyone can do it!

The Swiffer Max is great for larger spaces, pet hair, walls, baseboards and inside closets.  Clean your entire house and do it in less time with the larger sized Swiffer Max!

A Swiffer Max Starter Kit includes 1 Swiffer Max Sweeper, 2 dry cloths and 2 wet cloths. Use dry cloths on practically any surface. Wet cloths can be used on waxable and non-waxable linoleum, vinyl, ceramic and finished wood floors. Do not use on unfinished, oiled, waxed wood boards or non-sealed tiles.

Swiffer Max is great for mudrooms, kitchens, baths, foyers, pet areas and more.  Clean around the pool or hot tub. Clean off the deck. Clean the garage.  Swiffer Max is big and cleans big areas in less time. You’ll find cleaning much simpler and faster with a Swiffer Max.

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