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Swiffer Dusters

Have you tried Swiffer Dusters?  These amazing dusters have thousands of fibers to pick up more dirt and dust and remove 90% of allergens from dogs, cats and dust mites. Anyone who suffers with allergies would benefit using these amazing dusters.

Swiffer Dusters have thousands of deep-cleaning fibers, designed to get dirt in grooves and crevices. The fibers lock in dust and dirt better than a feather duster, that often just blows dust around the room. The smart all around design of the Swiffers 360 Dusters have 50% more fibers.

Swiffer Dusters Extender extends up to three feet with an extendable handle that pivots and locks into 4 different positions. It’s great for cleaning angled surfaces such as ceiling fans, wood furniture, cabinet corners and crown molding.

The thousands of fluffy fibers trap and lock dust that feather dusters just spread around, cleaning virtually any type of surface in your home.

Swiffer 360 Dusters are great for cleaning knick knacks, furniture, ceiling fans, plants, electronics and more.  Textured fibers trap much more dust than dry cloths or feather dusters. The flexible design allows you to dust in hard to reach places.

The extendable handle starter kit includes 1 extendable handle, which extends up to 3 feet, and also two 360 Unscented Dusters.  The dusters can be used more than one time. The duster easily attaches to the handle.

You can buy refill dusters, so save your handle and get a box of refills, available in both regular and extendable handle sizes.  They come in 10 count Unscented, Febreze Citrus and Light, and Febreze Lavender Vanilla and Comfort, plus 360 Dusters Unscented.

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