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Swiffer Duster

The Swiffer Duster is another fantastic Swiffer product. Swiffer Dusters have thousands of deep-cleaning fibers to trap and lock in dust and allergens. Use your Swiffer Duster on furniture, plants, ceiling fans, electronics, windowsills, and much more.  The fibers in the Swiffer Duster trap in the dust, unlike a feather duster that just blows the dust around.

The Swiffer Duster is made of fluffy fibers to trap and lock in dust.  There’s a Swiffer Duster with an extendable handle that’s great for reaching high places. Swiffer 360 Dusters are desgined to get into grooves and crevices to get the dust and allergens that are often missed.  Swiffer Dusters are safe to use. They leave no residue and can be used on practically any surface.

The Swiffer Duster is also great for cleaning blinds. Usually a difficult job, the Swiffer Duster makes it simple.  It’s good to use the Swiffer Duster with extendable handle to do your blinds, and you can also get those ceiling fan blades super clean.  The Swiffer Duster makes cleaning effortless and your home will be much healthier with less allergins from pets and dust mites.  Many people who suffer from allergies have reported that they have felt much better since they started cleaning with the Swiffer Duster or Swiffer Duster 360.  The reason is that the Swiffer Duster traps in the dirt and dust, instead of spreading it around like feather dusters and some other dusting products do.  Anyone with allergies should certainly give the Swiffer Duster a try. Go to Procter & Gamble’s site for Swiffer coupons.


The Swiffer Duster will cut your cleaning time in half, it’s so simple.  It does a great job of removing dust and allergens. The Swiffer Duster is another great Swiffer product that does the job it claims to do.

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