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Swiffer deals September 2011

Last month Amazon had a great deal on the Swiffer products, giving you $5 off a Swiffer starter kit, but it seems those coupons have expired and they are no longer offering an additional $5 off. The great news is that the Swiffer products are already very cheap on Amazon and a lot cheaper than what you would find them for in the store. I have looked around in the other places and it seems that Swiffer may not be releasing coupons for September, that means that if you want a Swiffer coupon you will either have to wait until October (if they release them in October) or just get a great deal online!

I basically buy all my swiffer products online because I find the prices are so good. I bought my first swiffer starter kit in the stores and paid way too much, but then I started buying my refills online and was very happy with the money that I saved. I also get free shipping on most of the items so there are no additional charges to worry about.

If you would like to get a Swiffer starter kit or a Swiffer refill I recommend visiting the link above as that is where I usually find all my deals. The only time I really buy in stores now is if I see a good sale in the fliers. Another tip to buying online is to buy the swiffer refills in bulk. This will save you time and money, I like it when I run out and I know I have another box waiting, it sucks to run out and then have to go to the store and buy more cloths.

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