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Have you tried Swiffer products yet? If not, you are missing out on the easiest, fastest way to clean.

The Swiffer Duster with the extendable handle reaches almost anywhere you want to clean. Use it for the ceiling fans and mini-blinds.  The duster uses refills but one duster can be used several times.

The Swiffer WetJet cuts mopping time in half. A starter kit comes with cleaning solution, cleaning pads and a scrubbing strip. It’s safe to use on just about any surface and cuts through dirt and grime and locks it away in the pad.

The Swiffer SweeperVac is a rechargeable vacuum so you don’t need to worry about a cord in your way or being near an electrical outlet. After you run it, just throw away the cloth and empty the canister. This lightweight vacuum weighs only about 4 pounds, so it’s great for those who can’t lift heavy items.  The starter kit includes a vacuum, a replacement filter and 2 dry sweeping cloths. The SweeperVac is small so it’s easy to store.  Find coupons here:

Swiffer Wood Floor Cleaner is specifically designed for wood floors. It safely cleans wood and brings out the beauty.  The bottle of cleaner will clean up to 8 rooms.

Swiffer Multi Purpose Cleaner dissolves those tough, ground in stains and dries fast without streaking.  It’s great for use on linoleum, marble, stone and ceramic tile.  It has a nice fragrance and is an effective, safe cleaner. Swiffer Multi Purpose Cleaner contains no phosphates.

Visit the P&G Everyday Solutions Site for more information and coupons for Swiffer products.

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