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Swiffer Coupons Printable 2010

Have you tried any of the Swiffer products by Procter and Gamble? If not, you are missing out on some great products that make cleaning fast and easy!

The Swiffer Duster has thousands of fibers that pick up dust instead of just blowing it around like a feather duster. The Swiffer Duster with Extendable Handle can extend up to 3 feet to reach ceiling fans and other high surfaces. The Swiffer duster uses refills but one duster can be used many times before you need to change it.

Swiffer Coupons Printable 2010

The Swiffer SweeperVac is a rechargeable vacuum. It’s cordless so you don’t need to worry about a  cord in your way and you can take the vacuum just about anywhere.  To change cloths, push a button and the dirty cloth releases.  The vacuum is lightweight, weighing about 4 pounds, so it’s great for anyone who can’t lift heavy items. The starter kit includes the vacuum, a replacement filter and 2 dry sweeping cloths. The SweeperVac is easy to store because it’s small.

The Swiffer WetJet is a mop and bucket all in one. It will save you about half the time of regular mopping. A starter kit includes the mop, a 500 ml bottle of cleaning solution, cleaning pads and scrubbing strip. The Swiffer WetJet has a dual nozzle sprayer and cuts through dirt and grime.

Swiffer Dust & Shine is furniture polish that can be used on almost any surface.

Swiffer Wood Floor Cleaning Solution is specifically for wood floors. It’s safe to use and will clean up to 8 rooms.

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