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Swiffer Coupons 2012

If you have a swiffer at home than you should always be looking for Swiffer coupons I have found a few great sources for you to find swiffer coupons and have found a few for 2012. The Swiffer coupons range from $5 off a swiffer starter kit to 50 cents off swiffer refills

$5 off swiffer coupon – Visit this page to see the $5 off swiffer coupon, the price you see on the page is the pre coupon price, that means the final price will be $5 cheaper

50 cents off swiffer refills coupons – Visit this page for 50 cents off your swiffer refills. The prices will already be cheap, and you get an additional 50 cents off.

More ways to Save Money on Swiffer

A great way to save on your first swiffer, or on swiffer refills is to buy the products in bulk. I like to shop online and when I find a good deal I buy in bulk. If you visit the links above you will see some very good prices. You can take advantage of those prices by buying in bulk. Say the swiffer refill is $2 cheaper than in the stores. If you buy 10 of them you will save $20

Swiffer Coupons Page

If you are looking for the most recent coupon for Swiffer be sure to check out our swiffer coupons homepage. We post the most recent savings, deals and promotions. Another good place to check is the coupons page on Swiffer.com they usually have a few coupons that you can print off and use on your next purchase.


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