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Swiffer was introduced in 1999, and today there are several amazing Swiffer products.  There’s the Swiffer Sweeper, Swiffer X-Large, Swiffer SweeperVac, Swiffer WetJet, Swiffer Dusters, Swiffer Dust & Shine and Swiffer 360 Dusters.  All of these products are timesavers when it comes to cleaning.  They not only save you time, but they do a great job! Find a Swiffer coupon for any of these products here:

The Swiffer phrase “Swiffer Gives Cleaning a Whole New Meaning” is no joke! Swiffer cuts cleaning time practically in half and your house will sparkle from top to bottom.

The Swiffer Sweeper traps and locks in dirt, using a dry cloth. It picks up 50% more than a broom.   Swiffer Sweeper X-Large Sweeper and Cloths are 1.5 times bigger than the original Swiffer Sweeper, making cleaning even faster. The Swiffer SweeperVac is a powerful cordless vacuum that’s lightweight and easy to store. It doesn’t require bags. Just use a Dry Cloth and after cleaning, toss the cloth and empty the dirt bin. It’s great for picking up pet hair and can easily get underneath furniture.

Swiffer WetJet cleans your floors beautifully in up to half the time. With a dual nozzle sprayer and strong-grip pole, the WetJet is designed to break up and dissolve all sorts of spills, mud, pet stains and more, better than a mop and bucket.

Swiffer Dusters have thousands of deep-cleaning fibers that lock in dust and allergens much better than a feather duster.  Swiffer Dusters Extender extends up to three feet so you can reach the ceiling fans, blinds, crown molding and more. Swiffer Dust & Shine is a great furniture polish that cleans virtually all of your home surfaces. 


Swiffer products are the easy way to clean. They save you time and they do an excellent job because they trap dirt and dust and lock it away for good!

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