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Swiffer Refill Coupons for September 2012

There are currently a few Swiffer coupons available that will help you save a bit of money on your swiffer refills. The first few coupons are available on Amazon.com, I always like to order my refills online (along with a few other things) because they are usually cheaper and the coupon helps me save even more.

To get these savings just click the image below and then buy any of the products shown, they may be on sale but the coupon is applied at checkout so you could save even more than the price shown!

More Swiffer coupons

There are some more coupons available on the Swiffer website, if you visit their coupons and promotions page you will see quite a few different deals. Right now they have some $5 coupons available for the dusters and wetJet as well. Be sure to check online via the links above as well because sometimes you can get a great deal online for the Swiffer products.

New Swiffer Coupons – $19 in total

There are quite a few new Swiffer coupons available this month so be sure you take advantage of these printable coupons. I have also found a few good deals online, so if you are shopping online check out these online Swiffer deals on Amazon.

To get the swiffer coupons just click on the image below, it will take you to the special promotions page where there are quite a few good coupons.